My Role

My role as your coach is not to tell you how to create your transformational story or give you the answers. My role is to guide you and support you along your journey to discovering your inner wisdom and deepest desires and helping you overcome your fears and limiting beliefs to achieve the life you have only ever imagined. It’s time for you to take action and step into your true power. As your coach I will empower you to do this by coaching tools, techniques and questioning, to help you see things you thought were impossible were actually in your reach. You’ll see that you are stronger than you ever knew. Through coaching, you will uncover these answers that you have been searching for and more. You’ll be able to clarify your own values and begin to live a life which aligns with your own core purpose. You will be able to dedicate quality time to the most important person in your life – YOU,

Where do sessions take place?

Sessions take place on zoom at a date and time that suits you. My business hours are Thursdays & Fridays from 8am- to 8pm and Saturdays from 8am-2pm if these days and times don’t suit I will try my best to accommodate you

How will the coaching work?

First we look at where you are currently at. We then do some self discovery work and find out what it is you would like to achieve or where you want to get to. Once we have identified your vision and your outcome we will find out what has been stopping you from moving forward and together we will create your plan and steps to create your transformational story

What happens after I book my session?

first you will book in for your discovery call click here to find out more about this call. Once you have had your discovery call and decide to work with me to start your coaching journey you can then return to the book session page on my site and book your coaching session from the options there. After this I will send out a coaching agreement which must be signed and emailed back before we start working together.