The irony is that we attempt to disown our difficult stories to appear more whole or more acceptable, but our wholeness even our whole heartedness actually depends on the integration of all our experiences, including the falls
– Brené Brown

My Story

For 11 years of my life, I struggled with substance addiction fuelled by pain, low self-worth and loss of self. I remember the darkness and the disconnection like it was yesterday and how by the end I was totally gone and didn’t believe I would ever return. It started as a bit fun but gradually all joy and fun was sucked right out of me. I missed out on collage, learning how to drive when I turned 17, building a career going on girls’ holidays and all the stuff you do in your teens and early adulthood. I remember looking at other people I went to school with and feeling so behind. Everyone I knew from school seemed to be growing up and living their lives and I was stuck in my own madness. A cycle that was never ending I was so focused on trying to avoid pain that in the long run I was creating more pain.

With many outpatient services, treatments and hospitals along the way I could never seem to stay clean. In and out of recovery until my last treatment centre where I really began my personal growth journey and began my path back to self.

I knew I had to do things differently this time. After the first year of focusing on my recovery, healing, emotional sobriety and self-discovery I now wanted to begin rebuilding my life- creating a life of meaning, purpose and joy where I didn’t need to escape. After some time, in recovery I hit a wall, I became stuck once again and was unsure of what steps to take next I had no life direction and I was unsure of what I truly wanted to do. I had some ideas but thinking about how I would even achieve it all was too much and quite frankly I didn’t believe I could.

I made the best decision of my life while I was trying to break down that wall- I signed up for coaching and was blown away by the results. My coach helped me really dig deep without any limits to discover my dream and create steps to making it happen and so I did.

Now my go to mantra which I remind myself daily is

”I refuse to place limits on myself”

I found my passion and purpose which of course was coaching others, I signed up for the training and did the work.

I Became a qualified life coach and set up my coaching practice with no clue whatsoever around the business side, but I was doing what I loved and that’s what matters the most.

I found by taking action after action it was creating momentum and eliminating my fears

Here I am today living a life I would have never even dreamed of if I’m honest. I never would have thought this was all possible.

Now healthy, free and fulfilled I’m eager to help you overcome the odds no matter how stacked against you they may seem and create your transformational story

Although I have the qualifications, I credit my own life experiences as the most valuable tools for helping others. I believe that struggle, heartache, pain, and failure are the best teachers if you are willing to learn.

My joy comes from serving others well and helping them create THEIR OWN TRANSFORMATIONAL STORY 

The secret to getting ahead is getting started