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What is Life coaching

Life coaching is an engaging, creative, thought-provoking process that helps clients bridge the gap between where they are currently and their desired future. A coach provides a safe space for you to define your vision and take actionable steps in achieving these goals.

A coach will not tell their clients what to do; rather assist their clients on finding their own creative solutions tailored specifically towards each person’s situation.

Life coaches are a great resource for helping you to take the next step in your life. Coaching can be an empowering and transformative experience, providing accountability so that clients feel comfortable pushing outside their comfort zone while also learning more about themselves through self-reflection techniques

Life coaching often results in positive outcomes such as gaining new perspectives on things and making better aligned choices for a better TOMORROW

What Life coaching is NOT

  • Life coaching is not counselling where the client dives deep into their past, or has any significant current mental, emotional or psychological issues that require professional help
  • Life coaching is not mentoring or consulting. A life coach will not give advice or tell their client what to do.

Benefits Of Life Coaching

  • -Deeper self awareness
  • -Life direction
  • -Clarity
  • -Increased creativity
  • -Self-empowerment
  • -Deeper sense of self
  • -Identify goals and the steps to achieve them
  • -Accountability
  • -Life Balance
  • -Better decision making

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