Kayla Davis reclaim and grow

Your Story

First I want you to pause and take a moment for yourself, Just for a minute! It won’t take long.

Take three deep breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Place your hands in the middle of your chest, on your heart chakra.

Shift yourself out of your mind and into your heart space.

Become present in this moment.

Acknowledge all the experiences you have encountered and overcome throughout your life.

Take this moment to reflect on how far you have come. Everything you have lived through,

 You are here today wiser and stronger for it. Praise yourself for doing your best and thank yourself, appreciate the journey and the learning. OWN IT!

Your story is a part of who you are, but it doesn't have to define all that's inside. Your life has many facets and aspects - Your journey through life will always bring out different sides depending on how they affect us at the time: some make sense while others don't..... But ultimately our choices determine where we end up

What will you choose for your future

What will be, is already happening. You can’t change the past and you have no control over tomorrow so all that matters in this moment are your decisions right now- don’t let them hold you back!

NOTHING binds you except your thoughts
NOTHING limits you except your fears
NOTHING controls you except your beliefs - read that again slowly

My job as your coach is to guide you out of the trap made by your limiting stories.

Have you ever found yourself saying any of the following statements?

  • -Dreams are only for dreaming, they never actually come true
  • -Success is limited to those who are “good enough”
  • -Ive tried too many times, it has never worked, nor will it ever work for me
  • -I’m worried of what others might think of my choices
  • -I will remain stuck for the rest of my life, ive no clue of what I even want
  • -I’ll never make it
  • -I’ll never be good enough to achieve what I genuinely want
  • -I could never do______
  • -I’m not worthy of______
  • -I don’t have enough time/money

These are the beliefs that are preventing you from true transformation 

As your coach it is my job to guide you into deep awareness to discover your limiting beliefs and any other limitations you have placed on yourself that may be holding you back!

Googled any of these lately?

What do I, need to do to make my dreams a reality?

How do I, become and stay consistent?

How do I, love and accept myself?

How do I, feel a sense of connection?

What’s the first step in self-discovery?

How do I, begin my personal growth journey?

How do I, stop worrying about others?

How to be successful in life?

How do I, change my life?

How do I, discover what I want to do?

How do I, determine my values and what matters the most to me?

How do I, create a life plan?

How do I, discover who I really am

How do I, find my passion/purpose in life

How do I, become aware and change my Limiting beliefs

How do I, feel more fulfilled in life?

How do I, create balance in my life?

With so many resources and so much knowledge and information at our fingertips these days, Living in a digital world can be great! The web is the first place where we go now if we are in search of some answers.

But we have forgotten to trust ourselves. We have forgotten that we know best and deep down, if we only took the time to connect- we would find what we are searching for


The Higher Wisdom Is In The Mirror Right In Front Of You

It’s tempting to think that google has all the answers. It seems like a great place to start but here’s the thing, google will never know more than YOU! It might not feel like it right now – but you have all the answers within you, Coaching will guide you to uncover all the answers you are seeking

Coaching helps you to start trusting yourself again and trusting that you know best. Through coaching you will discover so much about yourself and the direction you want to head in. The coaching process will allow you to see possibilities that you never saw before, and you can begin to create your own action plan to get you there.

START TODAY – your higher self will thank you for it