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Reclaim & Grow coaching is all about rediscovering yourself, reclaiming your worth and all you may have lost due to life's difficulties and struggles. Regain your inner power and grow personally in many areas of your life. I help people take action in their lives by providing the information, tools, and resources they need to live their best life possible. Through one-on-one coaching, Reclaim & Grow helps people take control of their lives again.

My mission is simple: Support others to empower themselves to take action on their burning desires and wishes

Kayla Davis reclaim and grow

Hey There

I’m Kayla, Founder of Reclaim and Grow – personal growth & recovery life coaching. Along with years of experience working on my own growth journey, I qualified with a diploma in personal, business, and executive coaching and a certificate in addiction coaching with the Irish Life Coach Institute. As well as coaching others virtually, empowering my clients to OWN and transform their story and recovery, I’m also a part-time personal trainer for a local gym, supporting others with their fitness goals as well as a certified kundalini reiki practitioner & teacher. When I’m not behind my screen or in the gym, you can find me immersing myself in nature- especially by the sea, Spending time with my dogs, observing and working with the moon cycles, learning, or cleaning! Yess, I just love blasting the speaker and having a good ol’ dance and clean 😛

Create your transformational story no matter what path you have walked before. INFINITE possibilities are waiting for you to notice them

Kayla Davis reclaim and grow

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With recovery life coaching you can begin to discover what you genuinely want from life and your recovery and together we will create the steps towards whatever that looks like for you!

I would like to express my gratitude to Kayla for the insight she was able to provide me during our coaching sessions. I came to Kayla for coaching because I felt at a steel wall with my career path and also my personal life and not feeling good enough about myself. With the tools and small tasks Kayla gave me I was able to maneuverer through a tough area of my life. Kayla helped me align with my true self and because of her encouragement that steel wall slowly started to disappear. I began to recover who I truly am. I began to feel my independence and my positive attitude that I had lost along the way I will be forever grateful for our coaching sessions. Kayla’s uniqueness is a very powerful energy that will lighten anyone’s dark tunnel
I came to Kayla, to get a better understanding of what was going on for me in my life and how I can improve certain areas of my life. Kayla is absolutely brilliant at what she does. She has helped me so much. Kayla is very passionate about helping people and that's clear to see. Thanks for everything Kayla
I decided to try coaching after a friend recommended Kayla to me. I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect at first but found the experience to be both interesting and enlightening. Kayla was attentive, patient and took things at my pace only after a few weeks I noticed positive changes for example improving my self care and being more focused on my goals. I would definitely recommend to a friend
I’m so grateful for Kayla. I came to her for coaching as I really felt stuck in my life. I was a new mom and felt like I had lost the person I was and the direction my life was going in. Kayla helped me break down what I wanted and where I wanted to go into smaller more manageable tasks. She helped me break down some mental barriers that I put in my own way as well. She’s a wonderful coach and I felt I gained so much clarity from our sessions. I have more confidence in myself that I can reach my goals. I have a plan of action that’s broken down into stages and it honestly takes the stress and worry out of it for me. I get so overwhelmed usually I don’t even know where to start. Thank you Kayla for guiding me towards my bright new future. I’m forever grateful for your time, energy, and kindness


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